Is there a servicing fee associated with investing?

Mosaic charges each investor a 0.5%* annual platform fee on assets in the investor's account, as follows. Every month,

1. We add together the principal balance of your notes

2. We add your cash balance, if and only if

  • it is >$25,     *and*
  • it has been in your account for >1 month,     *and*
  • you could have invested in a Note that month,     *and*
  • you have already been issued at least one Note

3. We multiply by .005, for the ".5%" fee

4. We divide by 12, because each month we charge 1/12 of the annual fee


We do not include the value of pending note orders, and if an order was just canceled, we do not include that either.


Mosaic does not charge investors a fee to create an account. 

Mosaic does not charge investors a fee for transferring funds into or out of their Mosaic accounts.


* Through 2014.04, the platform fee was 1%. As of 2014.05, the platform fee is 0.5%.


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